1. Before Using

1.1 Precautions

Please read the License Agreement carefully.
You can check the License Agreement from "Settings" of this app.
This app is provided to you when you agree to the License Agreement.
By installing or using this app, you agree to the terms of the License Agreement.
If you do not agree to the License Agreement, please do not use this app and uninstall the app immediately.

This app uses the location information of your smartphone to measure the distance traveled.
It is normal for errors to occur in the location information.
Please note that it does not necessarily correspond to the actual distance traveled.
Errors will increase significantly while operating in places with many obstacles such as indoors, urban areas, and near buildings.

1.2 Terms Used in This App


This is the unit used for indicating the tempo of a song.
It denotes the number of beats per minute. (Beats Per Minute)
The bigger the number, the faster the song is.

・Pitch control

This is the function for adjusting the playback speed of a song.
It indicates in percentage (%) how much faster the song is to be played with respect to its original playback speed.