6. Using the "Voice Notice"

6.1 Voice Notification Settings

  • 設定画面 By performing the "Voice Notice" settings, you can know the pace with respect to the target running time by an audio notification.
  • レース通知設定画面 Comparing the target running time and the actual running pace, there are 5 stages of audio announcements available as follows: "Fast pace", "Good pace", "Target pace". "Increase pace" and "Slow pace".
  • スタート待ち画面、(ランニング中画面 Set "Voice Notice" to "ON" before the run to enable the audio announcement.

6.2 Adding New Voice Notification

  • レース通知設定画面(追加前) You can tap "Add" in the list to add new notification.
  • レース通知設定画面(追加後) Up to 10 voice notifications can be created.

6.3 Editing the Voice Notification

Enter the distance, target time and notification.

  • 距離ピッカー ・ Distance: Enter the distance.
  • 目標時間ピッカー ・ Target time: Enter the target running time.
  • 通知ピッカー ・ Notice: Enter how many minutes before the target running time to make an voice announcement of the pace.

*You can edit the settings again after the entries are completed.
If Distance: 5 km, Target time: 20 minutes and Notice: 3 minutes have been set, a voice notification of whether you are running at a slow or fast pace with respect to running pace of 5 km in 20 minutes will be made when the elapsed time reaches 17 minutes.

6.4 Deleting the Voice Notification

You can delete the voice notification that you have added.

  • レース通知設定画面 Tap "Edit" in the upper right corner of the screen to display the check boxes.
  • レース通知画面(編集) Select the voice notification you want to delete and tap "Delete" in the upper right corner of the screen.

6.5 Caution When Changing Miles/Kilometers

This app allows you to switch the unit (kilometers or miles) for distance.

  • 設定画面
  • レース通知設定画面(クリアダイアログ表示) If after switching the unit for distance, you want to add or edit a notification, it is necessary to delete all the voice notifications.
    To add or edit a notification after switching, tap "Delete" in the "Confirmation" dialog.
*These screens may differ depending on your smartphone.