7. Other Settings

7.1 Changing the Upper Limit of the Graph

  • 設定画面の上限ピッカー画面 You can change the upper limit of the BPM (vertical axis) indication of the graph.
  • 新規作成のグラフ部分拡大(200)
  • 新規作成のグラフ部分拡大(250) Tapping "Maximum Graph Display" from "Settings" allows you to set the upper limit in the range of 200 to 250.

*Changing the upper limit indication of the graph may cut off the display of the created graph.

7.2 Adjusting the PACE UP/DOWN Value

You can change the value of BPM that changes when "PACE UP" or "PACE DOWN" is tapped.

  • 設定のペースアップ/ダウン画面 Tapping "PACE UP/ DOWN VALUE" from "Settings" allows you to set the value in the range of 1 to 5.
*These screens may differ depending on your smartphone.