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How To Create a CD with PICT

1.Burn a CD with your own images

1.Burn a CD with your own images

To enjoy PICT images on your car's head unit, you have to write the CD including the animations or still images you've created with Image Converter software.

Write your PICT data onto a CD-R/CD-RW using the writing software installed on your PC.
For writing operations, refer to the instructions for your CD-R/CD-RW writing software

To use the Image Link function

You can link a particular image with specific MP3/WMA files and make the image appear while playing back the MP3/WMA files.

1.  Make a folder including the MP3/WMA files you want to play back with the image made with the Image Converter.
2.  Save the image into the folder.
3.  Write the folder onto a CD-R/CD-RW.

  The specific image is shown on the display while playing back the MP3 files in the folder.

Enjoy the created PICT CDs in your car

Insert the created CD into your head unit and export the image data to the head unit's memory. You can start up and shut off your system with the images of your choice, call up screensaver images you like.*
The Image Link function lets you link an image - a photo of a musician, jacket cover, etc. with an album of MP3/WMA files, making it easy to identify the music you're listening.

*Availability differs by model. For details, refer to the instructions with the head unit

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