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KD-NX5000 Software Version 1.400 as of February 2008

US/CANADA model only

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Change History

Version 1.400 as of February 2008

  • Problem where time display goes wrong when the power is turned off with XM Function and then back to on while connected to XM Radio has been fixed.

Version 1.300 as of July 20, 2007

  • Problem where firmware update may fail in some cases has been fixed.

Version 1.200 as of May 31, 2007

  • 4 icons for weather information (Figure 1: SNOW, RAIN, WIND, FOG) have been added to TMC icons.
Figure 2
Figure 1

Version 1.100

  • Modification has been made to enable route calculation with use of a toll road even though the setting status is 鄭void Toll Road・ in cases where reaching your destination requires the use of a toll road.
  • Modification has been made so that the Car Tracks remain showing even after the ACC is off.
  • Test Tone function has been added to menu items of the Attention Tone.
  • Modification has been made to make the 摘NT・and 典RAFFIC・keys effective while the display shows the Progress Bar to the Turn (Figure 2) during route guidance.
Figure 1
Figure 2

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