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Map Database Update
Version 000000.00.104J

Please note that the 104J edition update discs are available and can be purchased at NAVTEQ website. (
To update the KV-PX9 firmware and software, the supplied two DVD-ROMs (KV-PD902) and the equipment below are required.

Requirements for update

畦ap Database Update Discs (KV-PD902)

These update discs must be purchased at NAVTEQ website.


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP
  • CPU: Intel Pentium/Celeron family, AMD K6/Athron/Duron family, or equivalent (Pentium 4 2.02 GHz or higher is recommended)
  • Memory: 512MB or more
  • HDD: 2.0GB free space is required.
  • Others: DVD-ROM drive and USB2.0 terminals.
  • Login as Administrator or equivalent privilege to update.

キSD Card

Blank 128MB, 256MB or 512MB, FAT formatted SD card (FAT32 is NOT compatible) and SD card reader/writer is also required on your PC.

キUSB cable (USB A plug-Mini USB plug)

キAC adapter (Output: DC 5V, 2A)

Note:  USB cable and AC adapter may not be included with your model. In that case you may use a commercially available USB cable (USB A plug ・Mini USB plug) and an AC adapter or purchase JVC KV-K1016 POWER KIT by calling JVC Customer Care Center at 1-800-252-5722 or at JVC website

Important precautions for KV-PX9 update

1) 2GB of free space is required on the AV Player area on the KV-PX9痴 built-in HDD.
Note: For details, please refer to page 3 on 填pdate Manual・/td>
2) The maximum space of the AV Player area will become 3GB after the update.
3) The 迭ecreation・/ 濃oo・subcategory in POI (Point Of Interest) will be removed and all its entries will be moved to 迭ecreation・/ 念thers・subcategory after this update is completed.

To purchase Map Database Update Discs KV-PD902, please visit NAVTEQ website:
NAVTEQ - Maps for your Navigation System -

Select ・a href="file/Manual.pdf">Update Manual・, then 泥ownload・/p>

Older versions of update software

Do not install the software versions below (Unit Software (Version 1.026 as of March 9, 2007), Additional Database (Version 060627.00.103J as of July 21, 2006) and Update Tool (Update Tool: Version 1.000 as of July 21, 2006)) after executing the map update (Version 000000.00.104J) since it includes all previous updates shown below.
Installing old version after this Map Database Update might deactivate some functions.

キUnit Software

Version 1.026 as of March 9, 2007  Download

キAdditional Database and Update Tool

Version 060627.00.103J as of July 21, 2006
(Update Tool: Version 1.000 as of July 21, 2006)  Download

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