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Calibration Software for DLA-X900R,X700R,X500R,XC7880R,XC6880R,XC5880R,RS67,RS6710,RS57,RS4910,RS49

JVC Projector Calibration Software Download

Downloading the files

  • Instruction


  • Calibration Software

    Spyder4 Elite/Pro

How to install

1. Down load Projector calibration software file to your PC.

2. Decompress zip file.

3. Double-click the downloaded file "JVC_PJ_Calibration.msi" to start installation.
  "Welcome to Setup Wizard" window appears. Click the [Next] button.

4. "Select Installation Folder" window appears.
  You can proceed to the next step with the destination unchanged, or designate a folder if necessary.

5. "Confirm Installation" window appears. Click the [Next] button.

6. After installation is complete, an "Installation Complete" window appears. 
Click the [Close] button to exit the wizard.

How to uninstall

Uninstall from "add and delete program" of control panel.

Important :
Do not delete back-up file when uninstalling, otherwise
you can not get back to factory default settings.

Downloading the instructions



Downloading the projector calibration software

Enter the serial number of the unit you use and click "DOWNLOAD".

Please accept the Software License Agreement and enter the serial number of the unit you use.

Serial Number :
Spyder4 Elite/Pro