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Firmware Download for DLA-X90R,X70R,X30,X988R,X788R,X388,RS65,RS55,RS45,RS4800

File Download and Update

System Requirements

- Supported JVC D-ILA projector: DLA-X90RB, DLA-X70RB, DLA-X30B/W, DLA-XC988RB, DLA-XC788RB, DLA-XC388B/W, DLA-RS65, DLA-RS55, DLA-RS45, DLA-RS4800
- A PC with LAN terminal
- LAN cable

How to install

Procedure 1
Download and save the file to the desktop of the PC.
*The files differ according to the models. Be sure to use the correct file for the model.

Procedure 2
Update the software following the update procedure listed in the table below.

model name Update file Update procedure
DLA-X90RB X90R LAN V1 2.exe (1.51MB) Update procedure ver.1.2 (PDF:386KB)
DLA-X70RB X70R LAN V1 2.exe (1.51MB)
DLA-X30B/W X30 LAN V1 3.exe (1.46MB)
DLA-XC988RB XC988R LAN V1 2.exe (1.51MB)
DLA-XC788RB XC788R LAN V1 2.exe (1.51MB)
DLA-XC388B/W XC388 LAN V1 3.exe (1.46MB)
DLA-RS65 RS65 LAN V1 2.exe (1.51MB)
DLA-RS55 RS55 LAN V1 2.exe (1.51MB)
DLA-RS45 RS45 LAN V1 3.exe (1.46MB)
DLA-RS4800 RS4800 LAN V1 3.exe (1.46MB)