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FAQ for GC-XA1

FAQ for GC-XA1

As of September 7, 2012
Q1: Wi-Fi Direct connection cannot be established using an iPhone, iPad, etc. A1: After selecting Wi-Fi Direct connection on the camera, select the ID displayed on the camera in the Wi-Fi Network setting of the iPhone or iPad. Wait for a while (more than 1 minute) for the Wi-Fi mark to appear at the top right corner of the iPhone or iPad, followed by starting up WIVIDEO.
Reconfigure from the beginning if the Wi-Fi connection gets disconnected.

Q2: When an Android smartphone or tablet is connected via Wi-Fi, a message indicating that "An unforeseen error has occurred with WiVIDEO. Application is shutting down." appears, and the connection gets cut off. A2: Check the WiVIDEO version. If the version is, please update it to Ver. or a later version.

Q3: The Wi-Fi connection gets cut off even though the signal strength is strong.
A3:It may be automatically disconnected when the battery level is running low. Also, Wi-Fi connection gets cut off automatically 3 minutes after recording starts.
Q4:When an HDMI cable is inserted during playback, it playback restarts from the first scene of the file. A4: No, this is not a malfunction.
If an HDMI cable is inserted during the function of playback, it is reset by HDMI specification. Then it playback restarts from the beginning of the scene.
Q5: Playback search stops halfway. A5: It cannot run a search across scenes.
To do so, make use of scene jump. Search stops at the end of a scene. However, it can be play back multiple scenes continuously.
Q6:Search speed might slow down. A6: The search speed may slow down depending on the recorded images. (Especially, dark image etc.)
This is not a malfunction.
Q7: It does not work recording with power supplied from an AC adaptor. A7: Video recording is not possible.
However, when Endless REC is set to ON in the Video mode, you can record at an image quality of 720p, 30.
If time-lapse recording is turned ON, recording can be performed with power supplied from the USB regardless of the image quality setting. The Self-timer feature is disabled for still images.
Q8: Recording cannot be performed when the battery is in use. A8: Any mode of recording cannot be executed when an HDMI cable is inserted.
Q9: When the camcorder is connected to a TV using an HDMI cable, the LCD display disappears.
A9: The LCD display is turned off when an HDMI cable is connected. And it is not possible to record under such a condition.
Q10: Can commercially available USB power sources be used? A10:Though it is possible to use with the AC adaptor of output 1[A] or more, the operation is not guaranteed excluding the recommended AC adaptor:AC-V10L.
Q11: The captured image appears distorted. Is this a malfunction? A11: Due to the camera system, distortions may occur if there are picture shakes. This is not a malfunction.
Distortions can be reduced by setting the Image Quality mode to 720p, 60. If you are concerned with the distortion, it is recommended that you record at 720p, 60.
Q12: The power does not turn on when the camcorder is connected to a PC. A12: The power supply does not turn on even if the power button is pushed when the camcorder is connected to a PC.
But it is possible to copy the file by using PC or you can transfer the files on PC by using WiVideo.
Q13: The smartphone screen freezes when I started recording with my smartphone that is connected via Wi-Fi. A13: Monitoring in the smartphone cannot be performed when recording is in progress.
Use the smartphone for checking before recording starts.
Q14: Is the up-loading to USTREAM possible ? when the camcorder is connected using an AC adapter. A14:Yes, it is possible.
Connection via Wi-Fi consumes more electricity than usual, and thus it is recommended to connect using an AC adapter.
Q 15: After connection for distribution is established via USTREAM, can distribution start/stop be controlled? A15: No. Note that live distribution starts once the connection is established.
Q 16: Can I configure the extent to which the video is released on YouTube?
A16: No. To alter the extent to which a video is to be released, you need to reconfigure accordingly on the PC, etc. after uploading is complete..
Q17: The clock setting screen appears even though the clock has already been configured. Is this a malfunction? A17: The clock operation stops when the state that the power supply is not supplied (state that the battery and the AC adaptor, etc. are not connected) continues for about two minutes. Please set time now when the clock setting screen is displayed.
Q18: The camcorder stops operating suddenly. A18: Turn off power once, and turn on power again.
When it cannot be turned off, remove the battery and the AC adaptor, then operate it again.
Or, the default configuration is recommended to be executed once.
Q19: What is the maximum angle that is supported in wide-angle shooting? A19:When it is in "960p" mode, and DIS is off, it is 152 degrees.
Q20:The camcorder heats up when the power is left on. Is this a malfunction? A20: When the camcorder is used for shooting over a prolonged period of time with the power turned on, the body may heat up. This is not a malfunction.
If you are concerned about the heating, turn off the power for a while before using it again.
The camcorder comes with a circuitry that detects the internal temperature and protects the system. If a temperature warning appears, turn off the power for a while before using it again.
Q21: When connected via Wi-Fi, it does not playback, or it takes time before playback starts. A21: It takes time to transfer the moving picture data.
Transfer time is proportional to the length of moving picture data.
Q22:The image shakes when taking it indoors. (Fluorescent lamp flicker) A22: When the setting menu of TV system will be PAL, the flicker might be reduced.
There is no influence in recorded data even if the setting of the TV system is changed.
Q23: Sometimes recording cannot be stopped during time-lapse recording. A23: When the time-lapse setting is 1 sec., it cannot be stopped the first 30 seconds.
When the time-lapse setting is 5 sec., it cannot be stopped the first 150 seconds.

When the time-lapse setting is 1 sec. in 720 60p mode, it cannot be stopped the first 60 seconds.
When the time-lapse setting is 5 sec. in 720 60p mode, it cannot be stopped the first 300 seconds.
Q24: Unable to disconnect from PC using the "Safely Remove" function. A24: It takes some time before all data can be read.
During this interval, the camcorder cannot be disconnected from the PC.
Do so after reading is complete.
Q25: What kind of feature is Endless REC?
A25: Endless REC is a feature that overwrites old files with new ones to enable endless recording when the remaining space on the SD card runs out during shooting.
However, when a battery is in use, recording stops at the point the battery runs out.
Q26: Endless REC has been configured, but recording does not start. A26:Recording does not start if the recordable duration on the SD card is shorter than 30 minutes.
Delete unwanted files from the SD card to increase the recordable duration, or use an SD card with a larger capacity.
Q27: Wi-Fi hotspot connection cannot be established with an Android smartphone or tablet. A27: In the Android equipment which 'Hotspot service (Tethering) ' function is not provided, Wi-Fi cannot be connected via such equipment.

It is necessary to prepare another Wi-Fi access point.
Q28: What are the accessories that are sold separately? A28: Currently sold accessories:
 Roll Bar Mount: MT-RB001
 Handle Bar Mount: MT-HB001
 AC Adapter: AC-V10L
 Floating Strap: MT-FL001
* Goggle Mount: MT-GM001
* Flexible Mount: MT-FM001
* Lens Protector: GL-LP001
* Special Battery: BN-VH105

* indicates separately-sold accessories for bundled items.
Q29: Where is a detailed version of the instruction manual? A29: It is memory in the camcorder.

When the camcorder is connected to a PC by USB cable, the instruction manual is found in "DV" folder of the "removable disc drive". Please copy the file to your PC if necessary.
Q30: How many minutes can shooting be performed when the battery is fully charged? A30:FHD: (continuous) 1 hr 10 mins; (actual use) 40 mins
960 30p: (continuous) 1 hr 35 mins; (actual use) 50 mins
720 60p: (continuous) 1 hr 10 mins; (actual use) 40 mins
720 30p: (continuous) 1 hr 45 mins; (actual use) 60 mins