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Software download for HMD-VS1W

HMD-VS1W HMD Control Software/IPD Adjustment Software/HMD-VS1W Driver

Running the installer will install three components on your PC: HMD Control software, IPD adjustment software, and the HMD-VS1W driver.

*NVIDIA® GeForce®/Steam®/SteamVR must be installed prior to this driver.

What is HMD Control software?

Software for reading HMD-VS1W information and changing settings.

1.Change panel brightness
You can change the brightness settings of the left and right panels of the HMD-VS1W.

2.System Switch
Switch between recognizing the HMD-VS1W as a head-mounted display or a controller to the SteamVR.

3.Refresh Rate Toggle
You can change the refresh rate of HMD-VS1W.

4.Direct mode ON/OFF switching
You can switch the direct mode on/off.

5.information display
You can view the firmware version and other information of the HMD-VS1W.

What is IPD adjustment Software?
This software adjusts the IPD (interpupillary distance).

What is the HMD-VS1W driver?
This driver is required when using the HMD-VS1W with SteamVR.

*Refer to the instruction manual for details of each software.

> Instruction Manual Download

PC Recommended System Requirements

CPU Intel® Core i9 9900 K or higher
GPU NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 2080 or RTX 3070 or higher
Memory 32 GB or above
video output 2 DisplayPort 1.2 or greater
USB ports 1 USB 2.0
OS Windows® 10 64 bit

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