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File Download and Firmware Update Procedure

Firmware Download for GY-HM890E/GY-HM890RE

After downloading the selected file(s) to your computer, please follow the relevant installation instructions included.

Model Name Version File size
SPL2974-V0306 Ver:V0306 36.7 MB
Points of improvement in reference to the previous version
(November 2017)
Add “Special function” which is prepared for specific customer (specific sales channel).
Special function is activated only for the models sold in the specific sales channel. For the general specifications, this latest V0306 is just same as former V0305.
Minor bug fix regarding being controlled via network

Previous version 3.05 updates
Following functions become controllable by RM-LP100(*) remote controller:
(*)available on incoming RM-LP100 V0101
Zoom (Tele/Wide/Stop, Speed)
Focus (Far/Near)
Iris (Open/Close)(*) *)available only on bundled FUJINON lens
Master Black (Up/Down)
Gain (Up/Down)
Shutter (Slower/Faster)
White Balance R Gain/B Gain (Up/Down)
AE Level (Up/Down)
Detail (Up/Down)
AF/MF(*) *)in case FOCUS function is NOT assigned to USER11 switch
Menu Operation
Improved AF function in slow shutter mode
Fix the problem that an SSID may not be appeared in the result list when searching for a WiFi access point with the SSID string including space(blank)