FAQ regarding Web Camera features

Applicable video camera models
*If you can not find your model name in the following list, please refer to the Group B.

<Group A> GR-HD1 / PD1 / JY-HD10
<Group B> GR-DV5000 / 4000 / 900 / 801 / 800 / 700 / 600 / 500 / 400
GR-D200 / 90 / 73 / 70 / 60 / 53 / 51 / 50 / 40
GR-DX300 / 100 / 95 / 75 / 55 / 35 / 25
<Group C> GR-DV3000 / DVP7 / DVP5 / DVM96 / DVX709 / DVX707
GR-DVL1170 / 1020 / 920 / 867 / 865 / 828

Q1: What are the recommendable communication environments and system requirement? A1-1: The recommendable communication environments are as follows
Internet connection
  (Sound only) Under the environment when communication speed is stable (above 28kbps)
(Sound and image) Under the environment when communication speed is fast (above 56kbps)
The quality of communication is not always guaranteed by the communication speed. Even on a higher speed DSL line, the interruption and delay of sound and image still exist.

Web Camera features may not be available in the following cases.

When using a firewall
When using a router
When the ISP is providing a private IP address

A1-2: The system requirement is as follows
<Group A>
  Windows(R) XP
  Not available

<Group B>
  Windows(R) 98*/98SE/Me/2000 Professional /XP
  Not available

<Group C>
  Windows(R) 98*/98SE/Me/2000 Professional/XP
  OS minimum requirement: version 9.0.4 (Mac OS X excluded)

*For Windows(R) 98, sound input from the applicable video camera models is not available.

Q2: What is the application software needed when conducting a video conference with the applicable video camera models? (It is also needed for the other party.) A2: The application software is as follows.
*The free download service of MSN(R) Messenger Service from the Microsoft(R) homepage is over and not available now.
Also, it is not possible to logon without upgrade MSN(R) Messenger Service to the latest version of MSN(R) Messenger.

<Group A>
When the other party use Windows(R)XP, use Windows(R) Messenger.
When the other party use Windows(R)98, 98SE, Me or 2000Professional, use the latest version of MSN(R) Messenger and NetMeeting(R)*1.(Start NetMeeting(R) by the other party.)

<Group B>
For Windows(R)XP
When the other party use Windows(R)XP, use Windows(R) Messenger.
When the other party use Windows(R)98, 98SE, Me or 2000Professional, use the latest version of MSN(R) Messenger and NetMeeting(R)*.(Start NetMeeting(R) by the other party.)
For Windows(R)98, 98SE, Me or 2000Professional,use the latest version of MSN(R) Messenger and NetMeeting(R)*.
*As of Jan/2004, it is not available to using Web Camera Function of MSN(R) Messenger6.1.
Use MSN(R) Messenger and NetMeeting(R).

<Group C>
For Windows(R), use NetMeeting(R) and the latest version of MSN(R) Messenger.
For Macintosh, the use of iVisitLITE of Eyematic (American corporation) is under consideration.
Up to Janualy 2004 now, iVisitLITE has been released as a freeware(English version).
Please confirm and understand the terms and conditions before use.
Q3: How to get NetMeeting(R)?
A3: From Windows(R) 98 SE onwards, NetMeeting(R) comes with the OS. It can also be downloaded from the Microsoft(R) homepage if it is not found on the PC.
Version 3.0 above is recommended.
Q4:Is MSN(R) Messenge certainly necessary? A4: Without the MSN(R) Messenger, it is still possible to conduct a videoconference through NetMeeting(R) by providing IP address directly. However, we still recommend using MSN(R) Messenger when the IP of the other party is unknown or when using a normal telephone line.
Q5: How to get MSN(R) Messenger?
A5: The free download is available on the Microsoft(R) homepage.
Q6: Is the communication possible between Windows(R) PC and Macintosh by using NetMeeting(R)? A6: It is not possible because there is no Macintosh version for NetMeeting(R). For communication involving Macintosh (including both Macintosh), use other application (e.g. iVisit) on both PCs.

iVisit(Windows(R)) ok iVisit(Macintosh)
iVisit(Macintosh) ok iVisit(Macintosh)
NetMeeting(R) (Windows(R)) ok NetMeeting(R) (Windows(R))
NetMeeting(R) (Windows(R)) N/A iVisit(Macintosh)
NetMeeting(R) (Windows(R)) N/A iVisit(Windows(R))
N/A : Not Available
Q7: By using NetMeeting(R), is it possible for 3 or more persons to conduct a videoconference simultaneously?
A7: The videoconference with sound and image is limited to two persons.
Q8: Is sound delayed against image?
A8: Depends on the line situation, it may delay for several seconds. This is not avoidable.
Q9: During communication, how to save the image of the other party to the hard disk on the PC or to the memory card of video camera?
A9: There is no ”save” feature for NetMeeting(R).
Q10: For MSN(R) Messenger, is it able to start communication even if the other party is not online?
A10: Communication is unable when the other party is offline. It is necessary to e-mail the other party to make the PC online.
Q11: Is it possible to send the playback picture of the video camera to the other party using NetMeeting(R)?
<Group A> and <Group C>
Not possible.
<Group B>
Possible. Use the USB cable to connect the video camera to the PC.
Q12: Is the other party able to view the picture here if he does not have an applicable video camera or a USB camera?
A12: Yes. Both sound and images are available for viewing by the other party.
Q13: When using the applicable video camera with the intention for crime prevention, is it possible to view the image from other places? A13: It is possible if that kind of application software is used. However, we do not have such application software to recommend.
Q14: If the microphone is not the one built in with the applicable video camera, can it be used for NetMeeting(R)? A14: Although there is no input connector for microphone on the applicable video camera, you can use other microphones such as the optional zoom microphone, the built-in microphone on the PC and PC external microphone.
Q 15: Why the sound level is low during the communication of NetMeeting(R)?
A15: Check the volume setting of audio adjustment wizard. Besides, on the audio property, make sure that the “ JVC DV Camera USB Microphone “, “JVC PIX-MC10 Audio Capture “ or “JVC PIX-MCV Audio Capture“ is selected and set the sound level to maximum.
Q 16: How to use Windows(R) Messenger bundled with Windows(R)XP?
<Group A> and <Group C>
Use the i.Link cable to connect the video camera to the PC. For USB connection, use NetMeeting(R).
<Group B>
Use the USB cable to connect the video camera to the PC.