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Outside Monitoring Diagnostic Tool

Outside Monitoring Diagnostic Tool for Models Supporting Wi-Fi

Description of this Program

This is a diagnostic tool that provides a rough indication of whether Outside Monitoring can be used via the Internet.

Target Models

GZ-GX series, GZ-VX series, and GZ-EX series

System Requirements

Windows PC that meets the following requirements, is connected wirelessly or with a cable to a wireless LAN router, and can be connected to the Internet.

  • OS Requirements:Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • Connected with a cable or wirelessly to a wireless LAN router

Downloading this Program

Terms of Use for the Outside Monitoring Diagnostic Tool

1. Purpose of Use
*The “Outside Monitoring Diagnostic Tool” (henceforth “the Diagnostic Tool”) is intended to provide a rough indication of whether the “Outside Monitoring feature” (henceforth “the Feature”), a feature that comes with the Everio camcorders sold by JVCKENWOOD Corporation (henceforth “Our Company”), can be used in the user’s network environment. It is distributed to users who have agreed to the following “Terms of Use for the Outside Monitoring Diagnostic Tool” (henceforth “the Terms of Use”).

2. Disclaimer
(1) The diagnosis result of the Diagnostic Tool only serves as a reference, and its operation is not intended to guarantee the operation of the Feature on the user’s PC.
(2) Our Company does not provide any guarantee against the accuracy, legality, morality, currency, and appropriateness of the contents of the Diagnostic Tool. Also, use of the Diagnostic Tool may require users to disable settings on the PC, such as those of the security software. The Diagnostic Tool shall be used at the user’s risk, and Our Company shall not assume any responsibility.
(3) Our Company shall not be liable for any damages arising from the user’s use of, or inability to use, the Diagnostic Tool, including disabling of the security software or other settings on the user’s PC as described in the preceding paragraph, as well as damages arising from special circumstances, regardless of whether the damages are direct, indirect, foreseeable, or unforeseeable.
(4) Our Company shall not be concerned with or liable for any activities or troubles between the users arising from the use of the Diagnostic Tool.
(5) Our Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by a third party arising from the user’s use of the Diagnostic Tool.

3. Prohibited Matters
*Actions described below or similar actions by the user are strictly prohibited during the use of the Diagnostic Tool.
(1) Duplication, lending, making transmittable, public transmission, adaptation, alteration, sale, and other forms of distribution without the permission of Our Company and owners of legitimate rights
(2) Reverse compilation, disassembly, reverse engineering, and other actions of analysis and adaptation
(3) Actions intended for commercial purposes or to gain profits
(4) Actions that will or may infringe the copyright, trade secret, property, privacy, or other rights of a third party
(5) Actions that will or may bring inconvenience, disadvantage, or loss to Our Company or a third party
(6) Actions intended for illegal purposes
(7) Actions to distribute malicious programs, such as computer viruses, and unsolicited e-mails
(8) Other actions that are deemed inappropriate by Our Company

4. Compensation Claims
*In the event that Our Company responded to complaints or lawsuits filed by other users or a third party against Our Company due to troubles attributable to the user, Our Company may make a claim for all the costs borne by Our Company (including compensation for damages, court costs, and attorney’s fees) against the user who is responsible for the trouble.

5. Intellectual Property Right for the Diagnostic Tool
*This software and all related manuals and other materials, information, and tangible and intangible objects are provided “as is” without any warranty against bugs, flaws, or infringement of a third party’s copyright and other rights, as well as interests. Our Company provides no warranty, explicit or implicit, in relation to this software, including the merchantability and suitability for specific purposes. The user shall bear the responsibilities and expenses for resolving any problems that arise from the use of this software.
(1) All intellectual property rights, including the copyright, of the Diagnostic Tool shall belong to Our Company, or are rights licensed to Our Company by another right holder.
(2) The rights to use the Diagnostic Tool are licensed by Our Company to the user for the purpose described in Article 1, and are not sold or transferred to the user.
(3) The rights licensed to the user for using the Diagnostic Tool under the Terms of Use are non-exclusive, and cannot be transferred or sublicensed.

6. Governing Law and Court of Competent Jurisdiction
*The laws of Japan shall be the governing law for the Terms of Use, and unless otherwise agreed, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.

To use the Diagnostic Tool, you need to accept the terms and conditions set forth in the Terms of Use.
Do you accept the Terms of Use?

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