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JVC to Add New Projector to 4K2K D-ILA Lineup

Yokohama, Japan, February 1, 2010

JVC to Add New Projector to 4K2K D-ILA Lineup

5,000 Lumens of Brightness and Low Running Costs

JVC (Victor Company of Japan, Limited) announced today the early-March launch of the DLA-SH7NL, a 4K2K D-ILA projector incorporating three 1.27-inch 4K2K D-ILA display devices for high-quality imaging and dual ultra-high-pressure mercury lamps for 5,000 lumens of brightness. Combining superb definition and resolution with low-cost maintenance, the 4K2K D-ILA projector is expected to be widely accepted for planetariums, museums, simulators and medical institutions, as well as used for high-spec designing and monitoring.

The new model join the DLA-SH4K, which debuted in January 2008 as 4K2K D-ILA projector and quickly drew high praise. Like its predecessor, the DLA-SH7NL achieves ultra-high resolution of approximately 10 megapixels (4,096x2,400), or more than four times full HD, plus a stunning 10,000:1 native contrast ratio.


Notable features of the new DLA-SH7NL include the following

  1. Dual 330W ultra-high-pressure mercury lamps, producing 5,000 lumens of brightness. In single lamp mode, the DLA-SH7NL can automatically choose the lamp with less cumulative operating time for maintenance efficiency. This, plus the addition of a low-power mode, enable lamp life of approximately 3,000 hours, about double that of conventional projectors. Such features allow the DLA-SH7NL to offer low running costs even under heavy professional-use conditions.
  2. JVC's own 4K2K D-ILA devices deliver approximately 10 megapixels of high-resolution, and can simultaneously display two or four screens in WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) and full-HD resolution. Multi-screen projection is facilitated by four DVI (Dual-Link) input terminals supporting an array of PC input formats.
  3. True black quality with stunning 10,000:1 native contrast thanks to a wire-grid optical engine.
  4. Weighs only about 50 kg, excluding lens. Elaborate design offers operational flexibility, including stacking two projectors to display 3D images or installation on a 90-degree tilt.
  5. Both short-focus and telescopic lenses are optionally available for extended projection applications.

The DLA-SH7NL operates on normal AC 100-220V power and consumes less than 1.1kW, helping to ease power-supply requirements. Color registration of RGB panels in the optical system can be mechanically adjusted in 1/10 pixel accuracy. Six test patterns, including a crosshatch and color bars, enable image adjustment without external signal sources. Three types of gamma tables are incorporated to set tone expression in accordance with specific images.

The Ethernet-compatible DLA-SH7NL can be configured via a PC web browser. Multiple projectors are networkable for operation via a single PC. E-mails can be generated automatically to send lamp-replacement reminders and error-status notifications for enhanced maintenance. The projector's configuration data are easily stored and uploaded from a USB memory device.

DLA-SH7NL Specifications

Optical System
Display device
1.27-inch D-ILA device x 3 (aspect ratio app. 17:10)
Effective resolution
4,096 x 2,400 pixels
Projection lens
Sold separately (see below)
Light source
Dual 330W ultra-high-pressure mercury lamps
Lamp life
Approx. 3,000hours (assumes 265W mode)
5,000 lumens
Contrast ratio 10,000:1 (native)
Supported signals
Digital video input format
(progressive signals only)
4,096 x 2,400, 4,096 x 2,160, 3,840 x 2,400, 3,840 x 2,160
2,048 x 1,200, 2,048 x 1,080, 1,920 x 1,200, 1,920 x 1,080,
1,600 x 1,200, 1,280 x 1,024, 1,024 x 768, 800 x 600, 640 x 480
Input terminals
Image input
DVI-D (dual link) 24-pin (12bit expandable) x 4 (HDCP supported)
RJ45 x 1
Type B (slave) x 1
D-sub 9-pin (male) x 1
Power source AC100V/200V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 1,100W (6W in standby mode)
Max Current 11A (AC100V)
Operating temperature 10°C - 35°C
Operating humidity Less than 80% (no condensation)
Storage temperature -5°C - 60°C
Dimensions 660 (W) x 342 (H) x 783 (D) mm
Weight 50.5kg, excluding lens
Inclusions Power cord and operating manual
Optional lenses
Type GL-MS4015SZ GL-MS4011S
Projection ratio 1.5:1 - 1.84:1 1.1 : 1
Zoom ratio 1.22x Fixed
Vertical and horizontal shift
Vertical ±50%
Horizontal ±25%
Vertical ±15%
Horizontal ±5%
Projection distances Approx. 2.6m - 12m Approx. 1.2m - 6.2m
Weight 3.6kg 3.4kg

Except for the historical information contained herein, this news release contains forward-looking statements.
These involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to vary or differ materially from those projected.

About JVC

JVC (Victor Company of Japan, Limited) is a leading international electronics company that has advanced audio and video technology and hardware. JVC engages in visual such as camcorder, high definition projector, audio and entertainment business. Headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, JVC was founded in 1927.


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