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This is information of TVF, Victor Company of Japan sponsored it from 1978 to 2009.


Citizen's Videos Have Witenessed the Times

Tokyo Video Festival (TVF) has inscribed the history of the past about 30 years as an annual festival of citizen's video. In TVF history, citizen's videos have depicted personal life and affairs, curiosity about and impressions of the object of shooting, thinking and opinions about social and international events, and so forth, with great diversity of images. It's just as if the camcorder itself feels the wind of the times like a living thing. TVF has made its 30 years history with entrants from the world, and has mirrored the flow of the times and the atmosphere of life as well.

Symbolic Videos Which Highlight TVF's 30 years History

2007 'Throb of the citizen's journalism'|JVC Grand Prize at 29th TVF | Kanji Test no Fushigi | [Mystery of Chinese Characer Tests] (17:10) | Broadcast Club of Azusagawa High-school in Nagano | Nagano Prefecture, Japan
2002 ''Emblyonic movement of a new community' | JVC Grand Prize at 24th TVF | Together with the Children (17:10) | Toru Kurokawa, 63 / Ehime Prefecture, Japan
1998 'Germination of media literacy' | JVC Grand Prize at 20th TVF | What Did TV Report? | Coverage of the Matsumoto Sarin Incident (19:30) | Broadcasting Club, Misuzugaoka High School | Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
1992 'Citizen's video authors are born' | Video Grand Prize at 15th TVF | I Went to Korea (19:04) | Shinichi Ohta / Tokyo, Japan
1991 'Creation of personal video history' | Video Grand Prize at 14th TVF | Autobiography with Tattered Cover(13:16) | Shigeru Kawata, 62 / Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
1988 'Embryonic movement of a new community'Video Grand Prize at 11th TVF | Video Visits Homes of Students (11:00) | Kiyoshi Yamamoto, 36 / Aichi Prefecture, Japan
1983 'Birth of video journalism' | Special Commendation at 20th TVF | Something Went Wrong: Silver Wheel Pollution | (19:14)  Broadcasting Club, Kawasaki City | Sumiyoshi Junior High School / Kanagawa | Prefecture, Japan
1978 'Opening of citizen's video age' | Video Grand Prize at 1ST TVF | Run! Enoden (18:12) | Broadcasting Club, Kawasaki City Miyuki Junior | High School / Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan