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This is information of TVF, Victor Company of Japan sponsored it from 1978 to 2009.


JVC (Victor Company of Japan, Limited) is pleased to announce that the 31st Tokyo Video Festival (TVF2009) today named its Grand Prize winners at a ceremony at Landmark Hall in Yokohama, Japan, presenting the Video Grand Prize to “Melanie — Ich gehe meinen Weg (Melanie - I'm Going My Own Way)” and the JVC Grand Prize to “The Way We Walk along Together.” Also announced were 100 other prizes, including 30 Excellence Awards and 70 Selected Works. TVF2009 attracted 2,231 entries from 54 countries and regions, including 1,471 from overseas and 760 from Japan. Entrants ranged widely in age from 8 to 98, with people were in their 20s accounting for 64%.

Video Grand Prize Winner “Melanie-Ich gehe meinen Weg(Melanie - I知 Going My Own Way)”

Klaus Fleischmann(Germany)

This documentary presents Melanie, a blind girl living a vigorous life thanks to the warm support of her family, friends and society. As shown through the lens of her uncle, Melanie is an active girl who has tried as hard as she could for everything from an early age. A hardworking student, in high school she became filled with a passion to dedicate herself to social work. Her perpetually positive attitude is an inspiration to everyone around her.

JVC Grand Prize Winner “The Way We Walk along Together”

Ritsuko Uchida(Chiba, Japan)

This documentary depicts the daily life of the cameraperson as she looks after her 83-year-old husband, who requires Level 4 care. Assisted by the support of a nursing service, the woman finds that she can somehow manage to deal with the occasional worry about her situation. The work shows her husband's vitality when enjoying his beloved karaoke and drawing, and the strong love they share for each other after 57 years of marriage.

Another 3 entries were selected by members of the general public through an Internet survey to receive the "People's Award":

People Award

Sin Decir Nada
(Don't Say a Word)

Sealed Heart


Diana Carolina Montenegro Garcia

Chung Wai Kit
(Hong Kong)

Azusagawa High School Broadcast Club

TVF2009 Award

Video Grand Prize
(1 work)
500,000 yen (including prize money for Excellence Award), JVC hard-disk camcorder, trophy and certificate
JVC Grand Prize
(1 work)
400,000 yen (including prize money for Excellence Award), JVC hard-disk camcorder, trophy and certificate
Excellence Awards
(30 works)
100,000 yen, plaque and certificate
Selected Works
(70 works)
Plaque and certificate
People痴 Awards
(3 works)

Comment from the 7 Judges

Comment from the Judges

Themes Among the Prize-Winning Entries of TVF2009

Trends and Themes
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