2. Getting Started

2.1 Installing the App

アプリアイコン"JVC Run & Music" is a free music player app for running.
Please use your smartphone to check and download from the following link.

2.2 Running the app

This app requires access to the music files and location information from your smartphone.
Please “Agree” to proceed.

  • スプラッシュ画面

2.3 App Menu

  • ランメニュー画面 Tapping "Menu" in the upper left corner displays the menu.
  • ドロワーを引き出した画面 "Running Menu", "My Music" and "Settings" are available for use.

2.4 Setting Kilometers or Miles

Tap "km/mi" from "Settings" to change the unit (kilometers or miles) for distance.
Default is set to kilometers.

  • 設定画面
  • ピッカーを表示した画面

2.5 Preparing the Songs to Play

Save the music files to your smartphone.
Please check the user manual of your smartphone and software on how to save the music files.
*As this app plays back a song based on its BPM, the same song may be played repeatedly.
*To effectively utilize this app, you are recommended to use many songs with a similar BPM for running.
*Streaming service is not supported.
*The available songs may vary depending on your smartphone.
*Some music files such as DRM-protected songs and high resolution audio formats are not supported.
*As high resolution audio formats are played incorrectly, exclude these songs from candidates.

2.8 Selecting Songs to exclude from candidates

2.6 BPM Analysis

  • 初回起動時のポップアップ To use this app, it is necessary to analyze the BPM of the songs stored in your smartphone.
    You can select whether to start the BPM analysis at the initial startup.
  • 解析中の画面 Once the analysis has started, leave the app screen display as is until the analysis is complete.
    Switching the screen will stop the analysis.
    Even when the analysis is stopped, the analysis result up to the point where it is stopped is saved.
  • 設定画面 You can continue to analyze the remaining songs by tapping "Analyze BPM" from "Settings".
    As it takes a while to analyze, do so with the charger connected.

2.7 Checking the Songs

Tap "My Music" from "Menu" to check the songs stored in your smartphone.

  • アーティストブラウズ
  • アルバムブラウズ
  • トラックブラウズ

2.8 Selecting Songs to exclude from candidates

You can select the songs to exclude from candidates.

  • ブラウズ画面 Tap "Edit" in the upper right corner of the screen to display the check boxes.
  • 編集モードの画面 The selected songs will not be played back during the run.
    By selecting "Artists" or "Albums", all the songs by a certain artist or all the songs in a certain album can be selected.
    Tap "Done" in the upper right corner of the screen after selecting.
  • 除外曲がグレーアウトしたブラウズ画面

2.9 Setting Your Own BPM

You can set the BPM for each song manually.Playback will start when you select a song using "My Music".

  • 再生画面 Tap the area in the center of the screen to set the BPM according to the tempo.
  • 再生画面(タップ時 BPM変化した) Tap "Save BPM" to register the BPM currently displayed.
    Tapping "Reset" at the bottom of the screen deletes the BPM
    you have set and restores the BPM of the BPM analysis.
    *For songs that have not completed the BPM analysis, "-" is displayed and the BPM remains unset.
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