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FAQ of LoiLoFit for Everio

No. Group Item For
1 Start up/Shut down How to start the software  
2 Start up/Shut down Shutdown Methods  
3 Start up/Shut down Setting an automatic startup for LoiLoFit for Everio  
4 Start up/Shut down A security alert screen appears.  
5 Start up/Shut down Freeze at start-up  
6 Activation The LoiLoFit for Everio activation usage certification  
7 Activation Using the AVCHD Disk Creation Function  
8 Activation Using the DVD Disk Creation Function  
9 Install/Update Please tell me how to update LoiLoFit for Everio.  
10 Install/Update Update cannot be installed  
11 Basic Operation Basic Operations  
12 Basic Operation How to choose elements  
13 Basic Operation How to choose multiple elements  
14 Basic Operation Deleting thumbnails  
15 Basic Operation Full-screen playback  
16 Back up Backing up from Everio to PC  
17 Back up Backup confirmation  
18 Back up Deleting backed up data  
19 Back up Changing the backup folder  
20 Back up Methods for backing up backup data?  
21 Editing Video editing methods  
22 Editing Timeline editing  
23 Editing Saving a project file  
24 Editing Saving a file as a video file  
25 Editing Open a project file  
26 Editing I want to add text to a video  
27 Editing Transition settings  
28 Editing Adjusting the brightness  
29 Editing Adjusting the sound volume  
30 Editing Adjusting the layout of elements  
31 Editing Using effects  
32 Editing How to add video narration, dubbing, and voices  
33 Editing Video size settings  
34 Editing Image and sounds are out of alignment  
35 Editing Adjusting the sound volume  
36 Editing Change playback speed  
37 Editing Reparing project file's path  
38 Editing Consolidating thumbnails icluded in the timeline  
39 Editing I want to create an end roll.  
40 Editing Setting time in automatic editing mode  
41 Editing I want to change the video ratio.  
42 Editing Videos that are automatically divided  
43 Editing File size was increased after editing  
44 Video Conversion I want to convert a video  
45 Video Conversion Format of a video  
46 Video Conversion I want to put a video on an iPod, iPhone, iPad. LoiLoFit for Everio Paid version only
47 Specification/Limitation Supported Formats  
48 Specification/Limitation Operational Environment  
49 Specification/Limitation Displaying local files  
50 Specification/Limitation The maximum number of timeline bars  
51 Specification/Limitation Downloading the instruction manual  
52 Specification/Limitation Can the software be used after the user has been changed?  
53 Specification/Limitation The image quality is bad in the video preview.  
54 Specification/Limitation The image quality of pictures looks distorted.  
55 Specification/Limitation The video playback is not very smooth.  
56 Specification/Limitation The image isn't being displayed, or it is disrupted.  
57 Specification/Limitation I can't hear the sound of any videos.  
58 Specification/Limitation Can not playback .lfjts format videos  
59 Specification/Limitation I do not have enough memory to output a video in the WMV format.  
60 Specification/Limitation Are there limits to operational use  
61 Specification/Limitation The number of simultaneous video editing  
62 Specification/Limitation Sound delay  
63 Specification/Limitation Editing video that was taken in progressive mode  
64 Specification/Limitation Limitis of editing  
65 Specification/Limitation Are packaged editions being sold?  
66 Specification/Limitation I am not sure which graphic driver I am using  
67 Specification/Limitation Windows 8 support  
68 Specification/Limitation How to take Event Log  
69 Option Setting Changing the sound save destination  
70 Option Setting Changing the sound quality  
71 Option Setting I want to change the display language.  
72 Option Setting Displaying local files  
73 Option Setting Changing the beginning of the week  
74 Disk Creation Blue Ray disc creation LoiLoFit for Everio Paid version only
75 Disk Creation AVCHD, DVD disc creation  
76 Disk Creation Direct disc creation  
77 Disk Creation Direct Blue Ray disc creation LoiLoFit for Everio Paid version only
78 Disk Creation What is an AVCHD disk?  
79 Disk Creation It takes a lot of time to create a disk.  
80 Disk Creation Creating a picture slideshow disk with BGM.  
81 Disk Creation Burn pictures, videos, and movies on the same disk?  
82 Disk Creation I want to eliminate the menu image of the disk.  
83 Disk Creation Can I confirm a disk's remaining space?  
84 Disk Creation I made a DVD disk, but I can't play it on a DVD player.  
85 Disk Creation I can't play an AVCHD disk on my DVD player.  
86 Disk Creation The disk has a bad image quality.  
87 Disk Creation The length of the BGM for the menu screen.  
88 Disk Creation There is not much of a DVD menu.  
89 Disk Creation Adding scenes (chapters) to a disk.  
90 Disk Creation I want to add scene (chapter) names.  
91 Disk Creation Additional disk burning  
92 Disk Creation Burning videos of long duration on a disk  
93 Disk Creation Disk creation failure  
94 Disk Creation The automatic bitrate adjustment function of disks  
95 Disk Creation I want to burn a long video to a disk from my camera  
96 Disk Creation Burn AVCHD discs  
97 Disk Creation Length of movies recorded in a AVCHD disc  
98 Disk Creation Length of movies to be recorded in DVD with standard-quality  
99 Disk Creation AVCHD disc playback  
100 YouTube It takes time to log in  
101 YouTube Unable to log in to YouTube  
102 YouTube YouTube Upload Restrictions  
103 YouTube The link to the video I uploaded to Youtube is not reflected on other SNS.  
104 WiFi Connect your camera to WiFi  
105 WiFi Back-up via wireless  
106 WiFi Unable to use <Easy Strage>?  
107 WiFi Backup is taking a long time.  
108 Ustream Real-time broadcast on USTREAM  
109 Ustream Create a USTREAM account  
110 Ustream Install USTREAM Producer  
111 Ustream Getting ready for real-time streaming  
112 Google Earth View with Google Earth  
113 Google Earth Getting ready to use GPS Google Earth  
114 Google Earth Downloading Google Earth.  
115 Paid version Are paying editions of the CD-ROM is being sold? LoiLoFit for Everio Paid version only
116 Paid version Methods for purchasing software using a PC not connected to a network LoiLoFit for Everio Paid version only
117 Paid version In the case of purchases with a credit card, will a receipt be issued? LoiLoFit for Everio Paid version only
118 Paid version In the case of bank transfers, how long will it take before a license can be obtained? LoiLoFit for Everio Paid version only
119 Paid version A few months have passed since the order; can money still be received? LoiLoFit for Everio Paid version only
120 Paid version There is no serial number LoiLoFit for Everio Paid version only